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Thursday, June 12, 2003
squashing dissent like...hillary's head with a tire iron!
You may remember a while back this guy named Michael Graham said he wanted to bludgeon Hillary Clinton with a tire iron, which he defended by saying he was just doing it to get attention (you may have to do a search for "Correspondence" to get to it). Well, according to him, this got him a visit from the Secret Service.

He complains about this, of course, which to me is like the artist who creates a work involving urine and dead bodies responding to controversy by saying that it's not really about urine and dead bodies, it's about Christianity (say) and HE IS BEING REPRESSED! If you're going to do things to get attention, don't be surprised when some of that attention is not the kind you wanted, and if you talk about murdering a U.S. Senator and former First Lady on national television, that's fine, but it's not all that surprising that the Secret Service might give you a call, is it?