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Tuesday, June 24, 2003
Syrians Wounded in Attack by U.S. on Convoy in Iraq

During an American attack Wednesday on a convoy suspected of carrying fugitive Iraqi officials near the Syrian border, United States Special Operations forces engaged in a firefight with several Syrian guards, wounding five of them, Defense Department officials said today.

At least one of the Iraqi vehicles destroyed in the attack was hit by American attack helicopters on the Syrian side of the border, the officials said. They said three of the five Syrian border guards, who exchanged gunfire with American ground forces, remained in American custody for medical treatment.

OK--fair enough--fugitive Iraqis and hostile activity and all like that. But this is starting to sound a bit like the beginning of the Mexican-American War, isn't it? So it goes, I guess, in a country where we're not supposed to go to war unless we're attacked.

(It also sounds a bit like Cambodia, but I won't bring that up because Vietnam comparisons are hackneyed, and I'd like to see more Mexican-American War alarmism on the left.)