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Friday, June 13, 2003
Two random musical notes:

The new Coloma album, "Finery," is very very good. The Pitchfork review describes it as The Postal Service with Jarvis Cocker instead of Ben Gibbard, which sounds great, although it's not as good as The Postal Service with Jarvis Cocker slowly strangling Ben Gibbard. Here is the website (it's in German, but it's weirdly understandable, and anyway they sing in English) and here is a sample MP3. It's good because there are actual songs, and pretty damn good lyrics, all things told, alongside an electronic backing that's sometimes synth-pop, and sometimes pleasingly elliptical and abstract (like Wasteland a bit). A fine listen.

Also, Pitchfork today has the decency to be kinda embarrassed about that whole New York Press Broken Social Scene review thing.