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Sunday, June 01, 2003
weekend update
It's been a long and tiring weekend--did music for about 16 hours so far since Friday--but here are a few great links to keep you occupied.

Doonesbury is always pretty good, but sometimes it's absolutely brilliant, and today is one of those days. "9/11. Any followup?"

Atrios posts a transcript of Kennedy on Hannity talking about the ANWR, and Kennedy absolutely calls Hannity on an outright lie. It's truly astounding. Go read it. UPDATE: Apparently the Hannity link isn't working due to being bloggered, which is annoying. Anyway, just go to the main Atrios page and search for "Hannity." It's there, I swear! Hopefully the archive will be fixed by the time it gets run off the main page.

C-SPAN ran a great panel discussion last night in which Al Franken and Bill O'Reilly go at each other's throats. Here is an MP3 of most of the performance and here is the Eschaton thread that informed me of it.