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Wednesday, June 18, 2003
While we're talking about music:

I've been digging Giant Sand a lot lately, particularly the songs "Shiver" and "Temptation of Egg." They're poppy and vaguely country while still being really weird, with a great sense of melody and hooks, but, as I say, weird. I know I'll be into Calexico if something clicked in that direction (they seem like a kind of American Dirty 3, and violins and southwestern sounds are my secret pleasures), but regrettably it has not happened yet. Also, Giant Sound has way too many albums. I do own and quite enjoy (on an occasional basis) the collaboration the Calexico folks did with some French loungey people called abbc. Good stuff.

Re: Coloma, I am informed that their website is now in English. You should go listen if you have not already.

I'd swear there was a third thing, but it has flown from my mind like so many mosquitoes.