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Thursday, July 03, 2003
For the record: this blog is not pro-Dean, as some might assume.

I definitely don't agree with another annoying MWO post ("Disperse the Circular Firing Squad") saying, basically, that we shouldn't criticize Dean because he could be the nominee. This is stupid; it's like saying, "Don't conduct a primary campaign." Certainly nothing leveled at Dean so far by the left has been particularly harsh, i.e. on the damage level of Buchannan-Bush. The worst, which MWO quotes, is basically that he's unelectable because he's too far to the left. But the point of "unelectable" is that it's an argument that's really only valid in the primary season, and the fact that he's too far left (I mean, the man supports gay marriage--I do too, but, well, the rest of America feels a bit differently) is a great argument for why you shouldn't vote for him. We've done this before, and it's called McGovern-Nixon.

Anyway, Dean sure did raise himself a lot of money, so good for him; it'll at least provide a good model for future candidates. I just get this vision of him in a tank, with a ridiculous helmet on, throwing a thumbs-up...