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Wednesday, July 16, 2003
Haven't seen this anywhere, but maybe I just missed it...

Rove Spends the Fourth Rousing Support for Dean

Talk about lining up the competition. President Bush's chief political adviser has seen the possible presidential candidates among the Democrats and has found one he apparently thinks his man can beat: former Vermont governor Howard Dean.

Karl Rove tried to stir up enthusiasm for Dean marchers yesterday at the 37th annual Palisades Citizens' Association Fourth of July parade along the District's MacArthur Boulevard, which always attracts plenty of politicians.

As a dozen people marched toward Dana Place wearing Dean for President T-shirts and carrying Dean for America signs, Rove told a companion, " 'Heh, heh, heh. Yeah, that's the one we want,' " according to Daniel J. Weiss, an environmental consultant, who was standing nearby. " 'How come no one is cheering for Dean?' "

Then, Weiss said, Rove exhorted the marchers and the parade audience: " 'Come on, everybody! Go, Howard Dean!' "

Weird that it's not on any of the usual suspects; it was posted but ignored at Dean's blog, and of course the freepers like it. (They also inform us: "As long as Bush supports 'the roadmap to war' against the Jews he cannot possibly win another term. It is a sin against The Only True God, the author of the Bible, to support any leader that betrays the Chosen people." Well shit!) I first read about it Newsweek, and thought, as Demwatch does, that either Rove sincerely thought Dean is the easiest to beat, or he's trying to get that meme out there (Rove seemingly being aware of campaign politics at all times) that Dean is unelectable, because he's actually very electable.

But then I read the actual article, and since the quote comes from "an environmental consultant" and not Rove himself, presumably the quote was not meant for public consumption, and we can assume that it was meant genuinely. For what it's worth.