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Thursday, July 24, 2003
Pitchfork reviews the Friends Forever album, which is an album featuring humor done by a band on a record label who is currently having their dong huffed (mostly acause of Lightning Bolt). Think they're going to get a negative review? You bet!

Of course, it ended up sounding like a positive review to me, as it listed the following artists I love: Fluxus, Beavis & Butthead ("more Butthead than Beuys"? Sign me the motherfuck up!), Melvins, Happy Flowers, GodWeenSatan-era Ween, Devo, Anal Cunt (their comment--on a band that recorded a song called "Hitler Was a Sensitive Man," no less--"like, *wince*") and Weird Al.

Shit, that sounds awesome.

Memo to PF: you guys need to get off your I-hate-humor kick.

I've actually been digging FF's song "Carnisaur Vs. Unicorn" (mp3 download) quite a bit lately, so maybe I'll pick that sucka up, along with the reissued "Ascension" and "Boy in Da Corner."

Or maybe I'll, you know, save up so I can eat dinner.