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Tuesday, July 01, 2003
there’s no better way to "out" the enemy than to depict it on a deck of cards

Got the following bit of spam from Newsmax (all [sic]):

Stop Hillary's Book

Get The 'Deck of Hillary'
Exclusively from

Sick of the media’s puffery of Hillary Clinton and her new book in an obvious effort to help her presidential chances?

Now, has the perfect antidote to the liberal media’s Hillary love fest: the Deck of Hillary.

Check out the Deck of Hillary – Click Here Now.

That’s right – the Deck of Hillary is a set of playing cards that will not only make you laugh out loud – it blows the lid off her lies and her new book.

You've heard about the Deck of Hillary – it was featured on Fox News and by hundreds of other media outlets.

In the Deck of Hillary, reveals the real Hillary – by using her own quotes.

As the Pentagon proved with its deck of Most Wanted Iraqis, there’s no better way to "out" the enemy than to depict it on a deck of cards.

Now the Deck of Hillary is set to rock America. You’ll die laughing at Hillary

In fact, NewsMax has a goal – we want to sell more Decks of Hillary than Hillary sells of her own book. It’s a big goal – but with your help we can do it and tell the big media about our success.

Yeah, good luck there, kids. With luck, one day we will capture all 52 Hillary clones and throw them in prison and interrogate them for information about weapons of mass destruction.

Oh wait...