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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Because I am a hideous fanboy, here is an excerpt from the Carla Bozulich (ex-Geraldine Fibbers, ex-Ethyl Meatplow, currently (?) in Scarnella w/Nels Cline) newsletter:

The Red Headed Stranger album is finally coming out on September 8. Willie Nelson did end up playing on it. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Very surreal, cuz I felt dizzy watching him 5 feet away and hearing his voice curl around mine -- like how did this happen. Am I me? Wow. The man is strength satisfied beautiful warm sand in the honey grinning rough gift. I guess you guys made that possible for me just as much as anything. Nels Cline plays the guitar with some help from me and Willie. Devin Hoff plays the upright bass. Scott Amendola plays the drums. Jenny Scheinman plays the violin and sings a bit. My sister Leah sings with me on "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain". It's on a brand new label called diCristina Stair Builders based out of SF and run by the happy souls at Revolver Distribution.

I want to thank you for your righteous excellence.


Let's think about that for a second: you're putting out an album that's a cover of an entire Willie Nelson album, and Willie Nelson comes and sings on it. Whoa.

Also: "righteous excellence." Mmm.