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Monday, August 25, 2003
Best bit of the generally-good Salon article on Snoop Dogg:

We're waiting on Snoop at a small house in the Valley, where he'll shoot a segment for one of his final Jimmy Kimmel appearances. Crew members are discussing last night's show, which featured Snoop and the rapper he toured with this summer, the enormously successful performer credited with the recent East-Coast rebirth of gangsta rap: 50 Cent. "Is Snoop a real gangster?" one staffer asks me. Before I can respond, another staffer interjects. "You know who's a real gangster? That 50 Cent." All nod in reverent silence.

Several bodyguards arrive at the house; others arrive later with Snoop, who's running on what Abbott calls "Snoop time." One bodyguard regales me with stories of his trip to Brazil, where Snoop was shooting the video for "Beautiful." The video has a different aesthetic from Snoop's previous video, which served up gangsta delights: blue bandannas, low-riders, and an abusive LAPD officer. The bandanna, however, was worn by a Snoop doll; the low-rider was an outrageous Snoop DeVille; and the officer a comic dwarf. If 50 Cent's aesthetic is "real," used as an un-ironic epithet even in a post-postmodern era ("50 is real, so he does real things," reads his Web site), Snoop's is so deliberately artificial it's camp.

Yeah, "real." Hahaha.

On the other hand, the article kind of reads like it was written for some other publication, doesn't it? It's got more of an Esquire tone than a Salon tone.