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Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Great, great, great LPTJ piece about Liam Lynch:

But what it is, on the surface, is a guy with spiky hair and a real basic punk song structure describing a number of scenarii in which he was given the opportunity to reply in his eminently imitalbe, monosyllabic way. Here’s one verse:

"and then it’s three a.m., I’m on the corner, I’m wearin’
my leather, and this dude comes up, he’s like: ‘hey, punk,’
— I’m like ‘yeah, whatever’”

...and that’s it: there’s no pointless unamusing dry unhelpful explication, no pose beyond The Pose Itself which is simple enough to devour the person assuming it, no spelling it out for the people who don’t get it the first time.

Right on. And I'm not even going to give you shit for ripping on novelty records. Because you shouldn't, because they're really...well, I'll keep to my word.

Good piece, and the Liam Lynch album is pretty damn good, too.