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Friday, August 15, 2003
I'm back from the blackout.

Oddly enough, the two hipster enclaves--Williamsburg and the LES--were two of the last neighborhoods in the 5 boros to get their power back. (Also Flushing and some of midtown, from what I hear.)

At any rate, a wallace-l'er writes this in:

I was watching CNN from my electricity filled living room here in Berkeley (the CA energy crisis isn’t so funny now is it?) learining about all the trouble, when the on-the-scene-reporter started to talk about the small wave of fires that were breaking out throughout the city, caused by people using candles to light their homes or whatever. So, after discussing the general dangers of open flames, the reporter exhorted “any one using candles right now to be very careful not to let them spill over” thereby risking fire. On CNN. To those who were using candles at the time. On cable TV.

Thank God for CNN.

Also funny was listening to the radio right after the blackout hit on Thursday. On Bloomburg news, they did a rundown of what was happening and then did a stock market report. On 1010 WINS, they cut off an interview with the mayor for a Subaru ad. Pretty neat.

All I have to say is: I really wish I hadn't watched 28 Days Later recently. Brr.