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Friday, August 29, 2003
Re: Britney and Madonna kissing--brr. I mean, girls kissing = me likee (and no, it's not "male self-loathing," as Charles Taylor so retardedly put it), but it's a bit like the Olson twins kissing, isn't it? (Which, for the record, I also find kind of creepy.) Or, to be more fair, like Lenny Kravitz kissing Hendrix, or the lead singer from Interpol kissing Ian Curtis, or Tori Amos kissing Kate Bush, or Billie Joe from Green Day kissing Ray Davies, or...well, you get the idea. Playing with your role model is one thing, making out with them is quite another. Brr. It gets into all these weird muse issues.

Although I must admit that I find the image of a drunk and jealous Guy Ritchie taking a few whacks at Britney kind of funny. Or, even better, a stone-cold sober Vinnie Jones telling her, "Look, luv, it's nothing personal, but..."

UPDATE: Video of the whole Like a Virgin / Hollywood / Work It opening number can be found here. Oh, and now that I've actually seen the whole thing, the kiss makes a certain narrative sense, so that's good.