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Wednesday, August 20, 2003
So am I gonna have to be the one to say the obvious about this?

Mel Gibson, "under fire from Jewish groups," according to Religion News Service, has agreed to "soften" his portrayal of Jews in his upcoming film's depiction of the death of Jesus Christ.

"The Passion," which will be released next March, will add sympathetic Jewish characters to the storyline and have them shout unbiblical words of opposition to Jesus' crucifixion, lest moviegoers get the impression that Jews actually wanted God's Son put to death.

Antisemitism = bad, and the guy's dad clearly has mental problems, but there seems a pretty good explanation for Jews (and everyone else invovled) not being bothered by Jesus' crucifixion at the time: they weren't part of the insane cult of people who considered him the messiah, and so they weren't particularly concered with this guy dying. Just because now there are millions of people who pretend that this possibly fictional man is the son of an imaginary, all-powerful entity doesn't mean that the Jews, or the Romans, should have realized that at the time.

I mean, no offense to my xtian friends, and I understand that there are practical implications, but come on now.