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Thursday, August 07, 2003
So here's what I don't get about the California recall: why are the Democrats "in disarray"? This is why we have centralized leadership of parties, people. Don't worry about looking stupid; just pick a candidate and go with it. What's the problem? All you have to do is identify one candidate as the de facto Democratic candidate, and it's a two-party race again. (Or, even better, a one-party-versus-many race.) And you don't have to drop Davis; we all know that even if you vote "no" on the recall, you still get to pick a candidate. So run two sets of commercials:

"Vote no on the recall. Paid for by friends of Gray Davis."
"Vote no on the recall--and then, just in case, vote for X. Paid for by the Democratic Party."

Seems all right to me.

But Matt Y is right, I think--this is all pretty pointless unless someone actually has a proposal for fixing the budget. (And, I might add, it's doubtful anyone will, since the problem mainly lies in Washington.)

UPDATE: Yeah, a candidate like this one.