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Friday, August 29, 2003
Tom Ewing over at NYLPM (whsew, glad I fixed the typo on that link in time) gives me a link based on an e-mail I sent him about licensing music for compilations, and says some very nice things about the blog. *blush* Which is appreciated! He also has some more good stuff to say about the SFJ debate like "there's way less point in saying that the new Flaming Lips album is good than the new Timberlake single is, because the 'music writing audience' is already favourably inclined to the Lips," and also brings up some good points in this post here about the different ways pop is appreciated.

Of course, as always seems to happen with these things, when someone gives me a link, it's vacation time. But I am staying in town, so I'll probably update at some point--I still owe you guys a post on the Klosterman book, and I can throw up a few other things that have been in the pipeline as well. So check back on occasion, I do hope to get some fresh material up here. But if not, there'll be loads more next week.

A few more bookkeeping notes: I updated the links, so if any don't work or if I've left you out (apparently a few blogs have been linking me without my knowledge, which is very nice, but you should let me know so I can reciprocate!) please let me know. Also, I'm much encouraged by the comments on the SFJ post, so I just want to say that I love comments, and I'm always eager to hear what you think--if you're a regular reader, it'd be great if you made your views known every once in a while. And I think there are at least 30 regular viewers, so...