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Thursday, September 11, 2003
I do think it's kind of funny that Mark @ k-punk is agawk that anyone could ever think that Dizzee Rascal is "plastic pop." (See #6.) Just goes to show you that it's all a matter of perspective, doesn't it? I mean, in relation to Shostakovich[1] or Coltrane it pretty much is, wouldn't you say? No real harmony or melody, a focus on rhythm (and not really very complicated rhythms at that), "inane" lyrics about stupid teenager crap...I mean, don't get me wrong, I like a lot of Diz's stuff, but ultimately it's only genre nerds like us (and partisans of various stripes) who really think it's that divorced from Girls Aloud.

Some of those letters are pretty incredible, though. People are still saying that rap isn't music? Oh, those British people.

Lord willing, some more posts soon. I have such a goddamn backlog of singles I want to write about right now I can't even tell you, but hopefully it will all become clear in short order.

[1] In high school, my friend Tracy got on a big Shostakovich kick. She talked about him so much that her boyfriend took to referring to him as "Shostadicklick." Which is how I still think of him half the time.