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Monday, September 29, 2003
Really nice to see Mark giving some love to the suburbs. I'm a big fan of the 'burbs myself--I find them very beautiful and, as he says, kind of futuristic in a way that cities, with their hidden histories barely conceled by new construction projects, just are not. (Except maybe for Brasillia, which I really want to visit.) People generally seem kind of creeped out when I tell them this--and maybe even Mark would disagree with me, since he's talking about the UK 'burbs, tho I love them too--but I really do have an affection for them. Granted, I didn't grow up there, but in more rural towns, but still...

I can't find the review right now, but I remember a Pitchfork piece in which Ott rips on some band for being "too suburban" and tells them to just get to the country for some authenticity, and blech. Since when does it work like that? (And sheesh, could we stop mystifying the country? They watch Friends just like the rest of us.) Wherever you go, there you are, Chris.