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Thursday, September 04, 2003
Simon Reynolds has a few things to say about that show I went to. Yeah, the drummer in Lightning Bolt is real real good (sounds like fuckin live jungle at times), and I think the bass sound he's asking about can be acheived with a compressor with the tone set high and a pitch-shifter. I think the bassist uses a lot of pitch-shifter, actually.

And yeah, that George Bush song was...good. Especially considering that I wouldn't really like it normally. Maybe because the music was powerful enough that it matched the kind of rage a lot of people were feeling about the situation? Maybe because I was slamming my body into other people's bodies at the time? I dunno, but I guess it makes a good case for non-ambiguous political music. Then again, maybe it's just that when you're that good, you can get away with more things.