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Friday, September 19, 2003
So much to write, so little time. Hopefully things will die down in an hour or two here and I can get some stuff posted before the ol' ball and chain hauls me in (just kidding, honey), but for now I thought I should mention that tomorrow at 2 pm I'm going to be attending the New Yorker festival event entitled The Music Machine. The panelists are Lyor Cohen, Danny Goldberg, Robb Nansel, and Jason Flom. If anyone wants to meet up and yell things at Lyor (but not Danny, that would have unfortunate ramifications for yours truly) just drop me a line. I also might have two free tickets if you act now.

I have no idea why Russel Crowe is listed first among Artemis artists (uh, Warren Zevon? Steve Earle?) as it doesn't exactly scream "New Yorker reader," if you know what I mean. I also had no idea that Robb Nansel is from Saddle Creek! Maybe we can make him cry!