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Thursday, October 09, 2003
All right, you fuckers, fine: I'll give you a C-Lo update. From our friends at Popbitch:

>> We believe in a thing called Love <<
Courtney: madder than a box of otters

Courtney Love is everything a pop star should be: vulgar, weird and annoying. So we're pleased she didn't manage to top herself last week.

1. Courtney claims she likes hanging out at Donatella's house because "you get to do coke off the Picassos."

2. At a recent magazine photo shoot she got high, shaved her pubes and wandered around nude, save for blue glitter stuck to her parts. She then started snogging New York trannie Amanda Lepore until Amanda got scared and ran off.

3. Courtney is a long-term phone stalker, recently turning her attention from Kelly Osbourne to Brody from The Distillers. She even likes to finds out where Kurt Cobain's sister Brianne is staying and ring up accusing her of taking drugs.

(FYI: At the photo shoot for Courtney's new album, Francis Bean kept phoning to see when she was coming home. Courtney could only repeat: "Mummy loves you and everything will be OK if you just eat your cornflakes.")