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Friday, October 24, 2003

One of the nice things about blogs is that they allow you to follow your muse wherevs. This blog started off mainly political, and now it is mainly music.

But hey, why not throw something else into the mix? The music won't, won't, won't stop, but I thought it might be fun to try a little experiment. Viz: an advice column.

Starting on Monday (hopefully), Miss Clap will be answering your questions in a segment we like to call Ask Miss Clap. Ask her anything--she will have words of wisdom for you. It will appear here for now, although if it gets reasonably popular/frequent we'll give it its own blog.

So send in your questions! All will probably be answered! And not by me, but by the semi-mythical Miss Clap (and by "semi-mythical" I mean previously mentioned), who--let's be clear about this--is not me. Use pseudonyms, don't, hey, follow yer own muse. Just write in those questions.

The address to use is askmissclap at hotmail dot com. Use it early and often.

We both look forward to helping you out, and/or to seeing how this all goes...

Some suggested questions:
- Should I buy the Erase Erratta / Sonic Youth 7"?
- Does the new Britney single suck or rule?
- [anything you'd ask Dr. Phil]
- Why can't I meet women / men?
- What the hell is oozing from my genitals?

Hop to!