clap clap blog: we have moved

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
The CMJ schedule is online.

My current plans:

I'd see Sufjan Stevens on Wednesday if I wasn't going to see Black Box Recorder, who I've wanted to see for about, oh, four years now. I heart Luke Haines. And the Prosaics are headlining a show?!?!

Thursday: wouldn't mind seeing Avenue D, the Rosebuds/Trachtenberg show or the Lit show. Or, BBR is playing at Maxwell's, and I might be tempted to see 'em again.

Friday: tough choice between Roseland (Rapture), Warsaw (AWK) and Knitting Factory (Dirt McGirt). Roseland will probably win because of the three horrible venues, it's the least horrible.

Saturday: uh, couldn't we move the AWK show to Saturday? Please?

Anybody in the area up for anything, or have any recs, drop me a line.