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Wednesday, October 01, 2003
Fluxblog today is an all Tori Amos affair, and you can see my comment there. I actually used to be a huge Tori fan--like, a newsgroup-mailing-list-autographs-follow-her-around fan, but it's like totally embarassing so you can't tell anyone, OK?

Anyway, you might find funny, as I did, the AMG review of "Professional Widow." Viz:

"Professional Widow" is also a fine example of lyrical symbolism at work. Through the use of conceptual imagery, Amos paints a picture of a woman trapped at home, and, on a grander scale, as a gender in society. A domineering male figure is portrayed as a cold businessman, father, and politician who views and treats women as second-class servants whose sole purpose is to obey. The feminine role, "who will supply," is illustrated through the use of Mary references and images of porcelain-white skin. Together, the explosive music and vocal performance seems to represent the depicted woman (women) breaking free from the prison-like setting painted in the song.

Uh, yeah, or it could be about Courtney Love. Sheesh. I mean, granted, there's way too much stuff going on in there for it just to be a C-Lo rip, but the Mrs. Cobain interpretation was sort of the consensus at the time, so you'd think it would at least deserve a mention. Also, I think it's giving Tori's grasp of feminism a little too much credit. No offense, Tors.