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Wednesday, November 12, 2003
So does anyone have any thoughts or secondhand opinions on the new Pink album? I listened to the first three tracks kind of quickly at Virgin today and the production seemed really good but the songwriting sounded weak. Maybe I'm not giving it enough of a chance, though. It's coming close to what I think of when I think of really good modernist pop-rock, but there are nowhere near enough keyboards--it mostly sounds like processed guitars with a squiggle or otherwise decorative synth noise/sweep/wash/rush from time to time.

Basement Jaxx definitely nailed the dancier, poppier end of the spectrum, but while the Mandy did a pretty good job on the rock end, I'm still looking for something a bit different. Hmm. Nothing's really captured the bombast of early Britney in a rock format the way, say, Queen or ELO did in the 70's. C'mon folks, you can do it!