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Friday, December 19, 2003
Dear Radiohead:

Could you please make a bad record? It doesn't even have to be that bad, just, I don't know, a Let It Be to your usual Revolver. Because Hail To The Thief--well, we can't really tell how good it is right now, because it's not like OK Computer or Kid A--it's neither a surprising leap in quality nor a stylistic contrast with the previous album. But if you make a bad record, then a "triumphant return to form" will feel great for all of us. OK?

Oh, and I'm talking to you, too, Miss PJ Harvey.

...oh, OK, I'm not really talking to you, since I get indescribably excited about a new PJ Harvey album no matter how good the last one was, so carry on.

But seriously, Radiohead, four perfect albums in a row and we've got no context! Throw us a bone here, guys. Two in a row, that's OK, but four? We're dying here!