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Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Good catch by QV: the new Courtney Love single is now available. You can download it and get a 15-day license or something.

I like it! It's nice and loud, which is refreshing. It's not as good as "Violet" or "Awful" upon first listen, but the lead single often isn't as good as the deeper ones when it comes to Court., OK, I suppose the riff is oddly similar to "Celebrity Skin," and she does ride it too long and too hard, but I really like the chorus. Really like it.

UPDATE: Eric E. says:

And this business about enabling. Take it from someone who knows, if you are in Courtney's life in any capacity, YOU ARE AN ENABLER. i'm talking website mod, recording engineer, producer, record label, nanny, chauffeur, guitar tech, drummer, etc. etc. etc. And you're going to get yours. I know. Cuz I did. I don't care how much money or glory you're getting from it now. The poor girl will not be Ok until you stop. Stop it all. Or you will have blood on your hands. You will have blood money in your bank. And you will get yours.
This is the way of the world.

Learn a lesson from Elliot Smith. Pray for him. Pray for Courtney. She needs that right now much more than gossip or enabling.



UPDATE 2: Lyrics (may have to register).

Hey Yeah we had everything
Vinyl in mono
And we looked the other way
Man we were so dumb
Is this the part in the book that you wrote
Where I've gotta come and save the day??
Did you miss me??
Did you miss me??

Well they say that rock is dead
And they're probably right
99 girls in the pit
Did it have to come to this??

Oh God you owe me one more song
So I can prove to you that
I'm so much better than you
Oh god please listen fast
Here comes the crash
We're gonna rise above
We've gotta smash it up
You won't abandon us again

Give us brilliant boys that we wanna fuck man
Full of ecstasy, hard drugs and bad luck
Yeah yeah yeah
Turn the lights...back on
You burn so hard
But you won't burn long

Three chords in your pocket tonight
Are you, you the one
With the spark to bring my punk rock back now?
(I don’t think so)

Oh God I wanna hear you say
I wanna hear you say, that you're sorry again
Oh God you owe me one more song
So I could prove to you
That I'm so much better than him
Oh God I'd give you anything
To hear you say that I was right
And you were wrong
Oh God before I leave this life
Now enable us a lover
Hooker’s never gonna cum
Just give it back to me
Blow out all of the lights tonight

Two million miles down the PCH
And now he's gone
I slashed his tires, I bled his brakes
(It had to be done)
Their hand-job lives were just too cruel
You merciless villian
We drowned them all in their swimming pools
Run away, run away, run away yeah

Now God I wanna hear you say
I wanna hear you say that you were wrong again
Now God I wanna hear you say
I wanna hear you say that
I am so much better than him
Now God you owe us one more song
Get out of my life, See this world as it really is
Is it just a sad slide show
Can't make a hooker cum
Enable us a lover
I need one thing that’s divine
I wanna hear it tonight
Let me hear it tonight
I've gotta hear it tonight
You're gonna let me hear those chords tonight

Court's description of the song back when it was recorded:

there are FOUR that i would allow in the box- one working title "mono"
about the state of rock-
onl;y its far more graceful than dakota olympia or awful- in terms of its thematic structure0

arguing with god about girls raped in the pit and a fred murder fantasy about drowning them in thier pools and bleeding the brakes and slashing the tires and three chords in your pocket being futile-

i think its very evolved lyricallya bnd begins with the line we had everything- vinyl in mono

th elyrcis took me over 24 straight hours- there was pen all over when iw ent into the booth- and i went ina ty eight or nine am - after a long night- and only recorded three takes- with diofferent lyrical catchphrases etc

we write what we know and here i am with the two best songs one a state of Rock where is God song and a 'crusing downt he sunset strip and theres nothing thats not within my grip tonight"

but fuck it- Springsteen writes about cars.

Ah, C-Lo-speak.