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Thursday, December 18, 2003
I just wrote this about Ghost Exits:

"They want to sound like Suicide backing Africa Bambaata--they even cover the Pop Group--but these Vice-magazine-humping trendhoppers really sound like Beck's developmentally disabled cousins cutting instructional demos for Yamaha circa 1986. Their local fame stems from drunken gig antics, which is like being renowned for being date-raped, so please, please don't buy this; it'll just encourage them further."

And I read it and thought, now, is that going too far? And then I reread and thought, eh, not really.


Description of the show in question.
Free Williamsburg interview in which you can see one member's horrible fauxstache and understand why I called them "Vice-magazine-humping":

Is there anyone in the public eye you want to say "you suck" to?

Chris: Right now the scene is pretty boring. Ghost Exits are probably the
only group around making any kind of serious music. It's all about money
everywhere you go. Listen to any record today, it's all just mindless drivel. Even a lot of Hip-Hop is getting this way. But at least these people are making some kind of discernible communication. Maybe I'm just wasting words, I guess most people would rather remain asleep. So yeah, I'd like to say "you suck" to everyone. Hollah.
Ivan: It's money that is really fucking things up. All these bands are so concerned with record deals and getting their record in the NYU dorms that they are forgetting that music can be a viable art form to express ideas.
Chris: No one has anything to say, or even a decibel of emotion. Maybe some of this will change soon.
Ivan: Well it has to change, really. The city is broke and the people are getting antsy for entertainment again. It seemed to me like the only people that go to shows of these groups are people who work in the music industry anyway. I think it was in Rolling Spin -- there was an article about some Bowery Ballroom show featuring interviews with concertgoers. The article showed the people's pictures with captions beneath singing the band's praises, as if it were taken from their press kit. As it turns out, 3 out of the 4 people interviewed actually did work in the music industry. Its kind of fucked up that all these bands are complete fabrications.

And what is the fascination with English music? We live in New York, why pretend we live in London. Even the softest NY bands from the past could beat up Interpol. Even Blondie. So basically every one is going to have to sharpen up and better music will soon follow.

Is there anyone in the public eye doing everything right?

Chris: I like Marilyn Manson and Donald Rumsfeld. Any kind of Hollywood,
children's story type of villain. They play their parts very well. But it's all a joke isn't it? Is there really a war right now? Or is it just something in between the commercials? I can't tell. I guess that's the way they want it. That's why they hire such good actors!
Ivan: Tammy Faye, and Snoop Dog are really great in the public eye.

"getting their record in the NYU dorms"?

Another interview with a different view of the 'stache.

Normally, as you know, I don't want to resort to harsh negativity, talking about the members' bios, or ripping on hipsters, but here, it's really just begging for it. And there isn't a whole lot else to talk about, since the music just sort of sucks and that's it. It's not good, not funny, and not interesting. Ah well.