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Monday, December 08, 2003
I really do need to do some actual work here, but first, allow me to offer for your reading pleasure this Chuck Klosterman article on Friendster. (The whole thing, not just the excerpt that made it to Gawker last week.) It's really good, especially the riff on "Favorite TV Shows":

Yet weirdly, there are some elements of the Friendster personal profile that no one seems to lie about, most notably what TV shows they like. Friendsters seem totally comfortable with strangers assuming they cheat on their wives and sketch portraits of unicorns in their free time, but they don't want anyone to think they watch According to Jim unironically. This is similar to how a person will have oral sex with you on your very first date but won't let you look inside her glove compartment at the moment because it contains a Tori Amos cassette.

As usual, the text was provided by my anonymous tipster.