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Friday, December 05, 2003
Just sent this to a friend:

New Kid Rock album so good!

All country! (Mostly!)

First song: "I miss my babies and I'd like to fuck my wife."

Second song: "She's got a Cadallac Pussy, man, it'll drive you wild..."

Next-to-last song: references GnR! "They say we need just a little patience/but what do you do when your woman's too high maintanance?"

It's good.

It is good. But it's not all country--he throws in a weird amount of rap, metal...uh, rock...well, what you'd expect, I suppose, so it's not all that weird. But it's still a nice mix. A good leadin to contemporary country, that most impenetrable of mass forms for the modern musical fan, should you want it.

"Single Father" is pretty good, too.

But sweet jesus, the Bachmann-Turner Overdrive cover is bad. Like, really, really, really, really bad. Boy. I guess I'd like to hear from someone who disagrees, but it's just shallow, gimmicky, uninteresting, and painful. Just not fun to listen to, you know? Ah well.

Oh, although his singing is much better than it was on the Cheryl Crow duet.