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Monday, December 08, 2003
Matthew at Fluxblog posts a new LCD Soundsystem song and you should go download it, because it's great. (Keep in mind that it doesn't really get great until about 4:45.) Matthew thinks it's better than "Losing My Edge," which I'm unsure about, since I'm a bit of a lyrics snob, but it's still really, really good.

It also prompts me to mention that I read the TapeOp article on DFA recently. It was a good interview, even if it focused a bit too much on Tim's work, and if it was clearly conducted a WHILE ago ("We've got the Rapture tracks almost done on our computer right now..."). The part that made me all hot 'n' heavy, though, was when they were talking about their studio and how it has an elevator shaft that they use for recording handclaps, percussion, piano, etc., and how to change the amount of reverb they raise and lower the elevator. Wow. Unfortunately, now I really want to record there. Especially the handclaps.