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Friday, December 12, 2003
Posting an instrumental track, eh? Wshew, I feel like less of a lone nerd now.

I would love to see more music writers put their stuff up for us to hear. I mean, LPTJ refuses to, won't even talk about it, although we can get it in a store. (The LPTJ article this week is killer, though.) But it would be kind of interesting to connect the music with the writing. Mebbe.

Listening to "Landslide" and it's pretty good. (Better than my instrumental, certainly.) I'd be interested to hear what this sounds like w/vocals. I kind of hear a Dub Narcotic thing going on...

Even better, I think people should read music commentary over music. Maybe I'll try and turn that out this weekend. Maybe Sasha will, too.

This was actually going to be a Final Project for me at some point--doing commentary of music over the actual music, but I abandoned it because I love doing straight criticism too much to miss a chance at that. Anyway, that sort of thing is being done by the NYT now, so what I'm thinking is more commentary on other music over an original or semi-original backing. But, uh, I'm pretty weird.

At any rate, here's an example of what I mean when I say that spoken-word can be done in a way that it doesn't suck. (And yeah, it's mine, so be kind.)