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Tuesday, December 02, 2003
This here list is, uh, kinda interesting.

Aw, it's so cute when people try to be responsible critics and then fail utterly.

So in the intro we have this disclaimer:

And just for clairity, you're not going to find, Britney Spears or Menudo on here. This is a list reserved for the "gods" of music, not Top 40 pop-whores. We understand that Britney and Justin and Avril and who-the-fuck-ever else are going to put out mindless sugarcoated crap. That's what pop music is, after all. This list is for the masters, the designers, the influential forces of music, and some of the potholes they've left in their wake.

But then you look at the list and you have to wonder if these guys really count as non-top-40 masters of music:

Phil Collins
Post-Gabriel Genesis
Deep Purple
Hammer (MC)
Garth Brooks

And I'm not sure quite what to say about the Moby except that anyone who actually respected Moby gave up on him two albums before 18.

And I'm definitely not quite sure what to say about someone who thinks Phil Collins is more deserving of respect than Justin Timberlake... (Note that "more," it's important.)