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Monday, December 08, 2003
Three things I learned from the Virgin Ultimate Guide to Holiday Gift Giving:

1) The new Offspring album is not called Chinese Democracy, due, apparently, to "legal issues," which as a music-law person I can only assume means that Axl/Geffen already registered it as a trademark or something. If so, man, that's some sharp lawyerin'. (It is actually called Splinter.)

2) There is a Dead Milkmen DVD, which you could do worse than to buy. (But buy SGC2C first.)

3) There is apparently a Cat in the Hat Movie Storybook, by some folks named Ron Fontes and Justine Fontes. You'll note that neither of these people are named Dr. Seuss, who wrote, um, the actual Cat in the Hat book. I guess the original book needed to be...simplified? OK, I admit it, I'm stumped.