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Monday, December 01, 2003
Was having a discussion last night with K. about how I hate Christmas in New York--everything's so damn busy and crowded and hot, and all the decorations looks cheap, and it's just everywhere and blech. She said: but the Christmas trees! And all the lights! And it's Christmas! And I was willing to concede that this was perhaps an irrational hatred.

Now I'm not so sure. Coming back from lunch on 56th street I suddenly encountered a four-foot-tall animatronic snowman singing "Jingle Bells" over and over. I turned my head in horror and glanced the salesman inside. I bet he gets that look a lot.

Now, I'm just saying that when I was home for Thanksgiving, I went out quite a bit on the day after the holiday. I went to the mall, "Consumer Square" (yes, they actually named a strip mall near me "Consumer Square," which I have to admit I kind of love for its directness), and to "Shopper's Stroll." I went a lot of places. And nowhere did I see anything even remotely like a four-foot-tall animatronic snowman singing "Jingle Bells." Where did I see said monstrosity?

In New York. Only in New York.