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Wednesday, January 14, 2004
Thomas: Having heard The Dif'rent Darkness, I'd wager something like my firstborn that Black Box Recorder/Luke Haines has nothing to do with it. The guitar tones aren't anywhere near Luke's trademark direct-input distortion, and they could be and still work with the song, and the drum sounds are totally different, too.

Matter of fact, the expectation that the track would sound Haines-y has kind of ruined it for me so far. It's got none of the cleanness or the invention of a BBR track, and it seems to run out of ideas about 2 minutes in. Haines does some fabulous covers--Black Box Recorder's version of "Seasons in the Sun" is just majestic and wonderful--but this doesn't sound like his handiwork at all. Goldfrapp? Possibly, but I tend to give them a bit more credit, too...