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Monday, February 16, 2004
Guys, this is just sad.

One well-known writer admitted privately — and gleefully — to anonymously criticizing a more prominent novelist who he felt had unfairly reaped critical praise for years. She regularly posts responses, or at least he thinks it is her, but the elegant rebuttals of his reviews are also written from behind a pseudonym.

I mean, hopefully you'd have fans eager enough and articulate enough to defend a book that the author wouldn't have to go onto Amazon and do it themselves, you know? You don't see musicians doing this. Although maybe this is simply an outgrowth of the semi-obsessive logorrhea of writers, where they feel they know their work best and can't help but respond. Well, at any rate, it's still pretty sad.

Not to mention lame! At least get these pissing matches out in the open where we the readers can be entertained by them, too!