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Tuesday, February 03, 2004
Holy Jesuscrap, the new Janet Jackson song makes me want to eat grapes and stomp all over someone's tombstone, it's that good. I guess this just tags me as a guitar partisan, but damnit, I don't care. I like it that there's muted string hits being used basically as a closed hi-hat, with straight eigths/sixteenths instead of the more funky syncopations you'd expect from such a sound. I love that opening riff, I wish I'd written it, and I love the sound when the drums and bass kick in--that great big-beat bass note that glisses down after two beats, and that drum sound that just sounds, I don't know, almost twee. The guitar tone is great--really thin and rough. The opening reminds me a good bit of the opening of Mandy Moore's "One Way or Another" cover, actually.

Speaking of JJ--and this is the only thing I'll say about that Super Bowl thing--the funny thing about CBS getting all huffy about it is that they're the same network that refused to run the Bush in 30 Seconds ad. I'm just saying.