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Tuesday, February 24, 2004
Just finished...well, I guess "watching" is the wrong word, so let's go with "listening to some folks watch" Josie and the Pussycats. Which I love--it's my copy--but I'm loyal first and foremost to you, my wonderful blog readers (extra special greetings to the 250 extra or so of you that showed up today just for the kiddie-porn jokes!), and I wanted to get up some new, non-kitten-based content for yas.

At any rate, I like Josie's ambiguity about the whole corporate-control-of-culture thing (i.e. that it's bad, but the movie also takes its depiction of same to a such ridiculous level that it's easy to read it as a parody of cultural criticism as well), but I also had two thoughts the movie probably didn't intend me to have.

Number one: "A machine that makes you love pop music MORE?!?!? Sign me up!"

And number two: "You know, I wouldn't mind getting signed like that..."

Ah well. Where the hell did I put my soul, anyway?