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Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Man, Chuck Eddy's ballot is so hip.

Just joshin'. He did pick a song from one of my fav NYC bands, Man In Gray, as his 7th-best single of the year, so I got no complaints. Rockin'! (Not to mention a song from John Morton's Lyacon Pictus group...)

Also, here's Klosterman's ballot.

UPDATE: Eddy's comments, which include the astute line:

And as for Sherman [his son], it's pretty obvious that one reason he finds the Fountains of Wayne video more sexist than Lil Jon and 50 Cent vids is because "Stacy's Mom" and the depiction thereof shock him *more*, not less, than the rap guys-- because, for one thing, FoW hit closer to home. The video is *set* in the suburbs. And it features a young teen kid lusting over a *mom*. Gross, right? Whereas with 50 Cent et. al, Sherman can keep a distance --- in a way that many of the black 12-year-olds that T. Coates and N. Drumming referred to can't.