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Monday, February 16, 2004
Speaking of Northrop Frye--and when are we not speaking of Northrop Frye, oho--is the Norton Anthology of Criticism worth getting if I can get it cheeeep? Since I don't have access to a college library anymore but I'm still a theory nerd, it might be nice to have access to at least little bits of all those folks. I mean, I still have a pretty good collection of theory books, but there's definitely big gaps, and who knows, maybe I might actually want to quote some Lacan someday when I've lost about 100 IQ points.

Hey, I'm just jokin' Jacques, you're alright. (It would be funny to have Rodney Dangerfield do a whole routine about literary critics, although maybe the fact that I think this simply indicates that I need to go back to bed.) (Or write a book proposal. Ca-ching!)