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Wednesday, March 24, 2004
From a reader:

Um, That Klosterman piece you posted back on March 15th? Remember how he says that his archenemy is Rick Helling?

"He's a guy named Rick Helling, and he grew up in Lakota, North Dakota. Last year, Helling pitched a few innings for the Marlins in the World Series; in 1998, he won twenty games for the Rangers... Every summer, I constantly scan the sports section of USA Today, always hoping that he got shelled. This is what drives me. I cannot live in a world where Helling's career ERA hovers below 5.00, yet all I do for a living is type. As long as Rick Helling walks this earth, I shall never sleep soundly."

Well, and this is eery, it looks like Klosterman got his wish. On the 20th, Helling broke his leg, possibly ending his season (and at his age, perhaps his career)!:

"Helling, who signed a minor-league contract with the Twins this season and was expected to be their fifth starter, was hit in the lower leg by a hard liner off the bat of Philadelphia's Shawn Wooten in the fourth inning Saturday.

"Helling left the game with what he and the team believed was a bruise, but X-rays on Sunday morning revealed a fractured right fibula."

I'm gonna do my best to stay on Klosterman's good side. That's some fucked up shit!

Yoinks, me too!

(Thanks to Gooblar.)