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Monday, March 29, 2004
Genre confluence addendum: so yes, it's not that I don't like sad music, because I do, very much so. But the "add-sadness" formula a lot of people seem to be applying to their music these days I do not like so much.

And despite my restraint, enraged-posting-wise, I am getting pretty damn sick of indie rock, which seems to be one of two major locii (along with emo) of the sadness-as-authenticity thing. (And yes, I recognize that getting sick of indie rock is a big part of being indie, although this clearly crosses genre borders--witness Simon R's recent I'm-sick-of-dance-music post--so I think it's legitimate, plus this feels like a real breaking point right about now, especially if I have to hear too many more goddamn unsigned bands.) It's this, plus the weird aesthetic morality about recording and playing live and anti-catchiness and community and all that shit that make me want to sign to Columbia and call up Tom Lord-Alge and Bob Rock and Trevor Horn and the Matrix and Linda Perry and make a rap-rock-teen-pop album containing nothing but songs about various consumer brands.

That or follow-up on Matthew's suggestion that we actually form a band called The Sons of Factory Workers.