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Monday, March 15, 2004
Hilarious e-mail of the day:

Hey, just FYI.. [singer] from [band] sent us an 3-mail last week telling us to take the word pop punk out of any bios, d3scriptions, etc. of [band]. They are v. uncomfortable about that t3rm.

Our publicist noticed that on [distributor]'s w3bsite, the first words in the bio are "Pop Punk." I suggest you t@lk t0 [distributor] and have them change it.

Her3 is how w3 @re d3scrib1ng [band]'s sound.

"gr3@t rock 'n' roll: @ttitude, en3rgy, & style. But it's the well-cr@fted songs @nd m3lodic h00ks which s3t this b@nd @part.

cont@gious h1-en3rgy, gtr dr!ven rck.

Ah, pop punk, we all feel so bad for what mall punk did to you, but we just can't be seen in public with you right now...

It's not a bad description of the band in question, incidentally.

More later--just got dumped with a bunch of things to do.