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Wednesday, March 03, 2004
Is it just me, or is what Woebot's been doing lately pretty goddamn awesome? If you haven't been following it, well, here's how he puts it in the initial post:

"In the spirit of meta-criticism I will no longer be reviewing records, only record stores."

And yep, then he does it!

I particularly like the latest one, where he takes pictures of record shop patrons and lists what they bought. I kind of want to hang out with the dude who bought the Monkees CD. You don't need to justify that! Just gives you more cred in my book.

I would do a similar thing for New York, except I don't have a digital camera, and I clearly don't know anywhere near as much as Matt about my local shops. And, uh, because I'm just not a collector geek. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I can say, though, that I prefer Kim's to Other Music for CDs, and Earwax to Dance Tracks for vinyl, although I do buy some 12"s at Kim's when the arrangement doesn't confuse me, and if I was anything other than a dilettante about dance music I'd probably like Dance Tracks a lot more. I've never been able to find any Severed Heads vinyl there, though, so it can't be that good, right?

Anyway, for whatever reason I like this particular regionalism a lot more than all the frankly boring arguments about "London as center" or Pret vs. cafes in London proper. Maybe it's because record shops are more universal? I dunno. But yeah, I just haven't been able to get up the interest to read much of those threads. (Although on the Pret thing: those offer a consistent quality, which may or may not top that of any individual cafe; they offer reliability and more surface cleanliness, so they're attractive to people who are new to a given region of a city.) And why aren't there any of these for NYC? Maybe because there's more non-natives living there? Aw, hell, I dunno.