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Monday, March 29, 2004
Lollapalooza actually looks good this year!

Morrissey, the Lips, Sonic Youth, Modest Mouse, the Polyphonic Spree...and, uh, String Cheese Incident. (Gulp.) Well, anyway, I'm excited to see who the littler ones they fill it out with are, seeing as how they actually seem to be moving away from the metal theme of the most recent edition (which featured, in descending order, Queens of the Stone Age, the Donnas, A Perfect Circle, Incubus, and Audioslave). Hopefully it won't be Le Tigre, though, because hearing Kathleen Hanna makes me do odd, not very helpful things. But it's a medical condition, no value judgment implied, of course.

"The spirit of the 90s flows through you..."

(link via Thomas)