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Thursday, March 18, 2004
"No one says whoooooore like I do."
-Courtney Love

Wow. And the Billboard Awards story? "See, we're Generation X...we're cooooool..." Amazing.

And I'm going to bed.

UPDATE: Whoops. Oh, take it like a man, you pussy!

The nyhappenings reaction:

"I'm bringing my lawyer to every show I go to from here on out. If any of you fucks so much as breathe on me wrong, have fun in jail!"

"and paying your five bucks at the door at any Todd P show henceforth implies informed consent to all flying instrument and / or pyrotechnic related injury. it's all part of the show, folks.

"next step- everybody's signing waivers and / or mandatory body armor."


UPDATE 2: The latest linkage.

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UPDATE 3: More nyhappenings reaction:

"Courtney Love is a complete ass!

The cops always charge folks for heavier crimes than the ones they believe will stick. It gives them room to maneuver a plea bargain. I'm certain that, if Love was charged with assault, she will face other charges, such as negligence or reckless endangerment. Of course, in the minute she called her attorney, she did all the maneuvering she will need to get off. At the end of the day, she will probably win the criminal case and loose the civil case. Since her career is (thankfully!) waning (despite her pathetic fake boobs), she'll probably be all-too happy to have this stupid affair in the press. As for the bloke who got hit, I'm sure that he was pissed (and rightfully so) and wanted her to get her come-uppance (long time coming!)."

Fake boobs = better career? Why didn't anyone tell me!