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Monday, March 08, 2004
Over at Woebot, there's a great post where he admits his general squeamishness about the whole free MP3 model. It's well worth a read. I disagree with some of it, especially his response to argument #2 (god bless 'im, but he's not exactly the average music buyer, y'know?), but I think it's about time, given certain recent Fluxblog developments, that we start to have a serious conversation about how we're going to address this, if we do want to do so.

In the comments I propose a possible solution/work-around to what I think are the inevitable legal pressures MP3 blogs are going to face. I can expand on it here if people are interested, or you're welcome to contact me directly, as I said there. Or it might just be kind of silly and self-important, and you can ignore it, heh. But I'm here, and I've got some knowledge in the area we're dealing with, and I'm happy to offer any assistance I can.