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Monday, April 12, 2004
Because I am lazy, I am herein going to do a virtual blog of the blog I should have done last week. Of course, I also could not have done it last week because I was not near a computer for three days, which was HORRIBLE. But I should have done it last week, later, anyway. Excuses, excuses. So herein, without much further delay, I present the Virtual Michiana Blog, entered sort of in real time.[1] In case I want to slip in something else, you can tell a VMB post by its italicized heading, which will contain both a rough idea of the time and possibly the location. Hope you enjoy, or at least tolerate. If not, eh, more stuff later.

So, without further ado:

Saturday Afternoon, Detroit Airport

Exchange, presented without context:

"I appreciate it, but in a totally ironic way."
"I sincerely like it. I mean, I was rubbing my head against it!"

I like this--head-rubbing as a non-verbal sign of non-ironic appreciation. You know, because ironic appreciation is supposedly bad because it's distanced, once you get right up to something and really get it all over you (or you all over it), that distance is removed. You're putting yourself at risk by rubbing your head against, say, a state fair, or a muscle-t, or Kristie Yamaguchi. This is why you'll see me rubbing my head against a member of the Scissor Sisters sometime--not as a gesture of attraction, but as a sign of sincerity. Or so I will attempt to claim.

But anyway, from now on, say things like this: "I liked The Punisher. In a head-rubbing way."

[1] Which means "not in real time at all, but at least in chronological order, unless it's easier not to."